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Lumi, Tinka and Tilda.


Antti ja Mindy

We are a family of four, living at Turku, Itäharju. We got involved with dogs at 2004 when our daughter Ilona managed to persuade us to get her a golden retriever. That is when we got ”Mindyn” (Hiekkakankaan Villa Dolores).

Ilona has taken good care of looking after the dog as she had promised before we agreed on getting one. But still I took an active role in training the dog too and now these dog activities pretty much fill up my spare time and often the dogs are even at my work place.

Mindy being Ilona's dog made me think of getting a dog of my own. I wished it would be much like Mindy, healthy, good natured and easy to train. This triggered the idea of starting up my own kennel.

The latest puppy pictures are here.

My goal

Characteristics specified on breed standard are biddable, intelligent and possessing natural working ability. These are a good foundation for the wide range of hobbies that golden retrievers suit. This kind of healthy dog is what I aim at.

Major milestones

The Finnish KC breeders course, autumn 2005.
Kennel name Kultaharjun registered , May 2006.
First litter March 2007.
Second litter born August 2009.