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Kultaharjun Extra Special

Lumi at Merikarvia at age of one and half years.

Lumi won the junior class at Kurikka, age 16 months. She was also worth a sertificate (SA) and got third on best bitch competition.

Lumi is very agile and keeps climbing on window shelf as soon as I go out. Now I have given up trying to prevent it.

Lumi posing at age of 6 months.

Lumi posing at age of 13 weeks

Lumi works well even after bang from a shotgun and returns here a crow. September 2013. Picture Markku Lindberg,

The whole pack enjoying swimming. From the shore outwards Maggie, Mindy, Lumi and Misty.

Even Maggie is calmly in water when little Lumi is there swimming. August 2013

Lumi climbing steep hill in July 2013.

Lumi at Hauninen July 2013

Racing with Tinka at July 2013

Tinka and Lumi are very muddy after having fun in the garden. July 2013.

Fanny ja Lumi touhuavat, heinäkuussa 2013

Fanny ja Lumi Misty-mamman kanssa, heinäkuussa 2013

Cousins have all the gear, agility tunnel and

even swimming pool that cousins are here showing to Lumi.

Just before Mid Summer we visited Lumi's cousins. Dara had 10 puuppies just 3 weeks after Misty.

Misty playing nicely with her 8 weeks old puppy, Lumi.

But Misty could still not let Lumi to win the rope pulling.