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Kultaharjun Extra Ordinary

Peppi posing at age of 7 weeks

Peppi Match Showssa lokakuu 2013
Peppi being shown free standing at age of 6 months.

Peppi October 2013

Peppi at the end of July 2013

Peppi uimassa
Peppi has got Misty's liking to jump in to water. Peppi näyttää tulleen mammaansa ja tykkää hyppiä laiturilta veteen. Muutenkin vesi on mieluisa elementti. Peppi ja kenkä
Shoes interest Peppi a lot.
Peppi ja Dina
Peppi gets well on with the other dogs in family (Dina and Milla), Here Peppi is with Dina who is more tolerant to puppy.
Peppi uuden kodin pihalla
Peppi has arrived to her new home..