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Stud for this litter is Uppe, Creamy Whisper's All It Feels. Bitch is Maggie, Kultaharjun Britti Funny.

Here you can find more information of this combination.

Maggie got two puppies on 21st August 2014. Male and bitch.

Male puppy is lighter (in front of the picture) but at this point it is too early to say the final colour.

After the operation Maggie was tired but was happy in the nest with her two rather large sized puppies.

On due date Maggie stopped eating which is usually a sign of getting into labour soon.

Two days she was busy nesting and breathing heavily but no signs of actual contractions. Eventually we took Maggie to vets. By then one of the gestational sac had got broken and water was out so we decided to go for Caesarean section.

In addition to compulsory PEVISA checks I wanted to make sure Maggie doesn't have Spondylosis deformans. Official statement from Finnish Kennel Club is SP0 (clear) and LTV0 (normal). So there Is no problem on this.