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Mindy looking after B-litter with Misty (from A-litter)

Planning to get a dog?

There are no litters at the moment. Next litter earliest 2025

Getting a dog is a long term commitment to which the whole family must agree. You should be well prepared to the change of life this new family member will cause. Small golden puppy will soon be a large adult dog needing a lot of strength to walk if not trained well right from the beginning.

In a family portrait from A-litter Rasmus, Tuikku, Misty and Mom-Mindy

Buying the dog

Once the puppies are born I will contact those who have been interested in buying a puppy. Then we can agree a time for a meeting. In this meeting we will first go through practical issues of looking after a dog. Then check together the Finnish Kennel Club agreement paper for a sale of dog.

After the informative part we can proceed to have a look of the puppies. If both parties still feel that sale of the dog is a good idea it will be confirmed by customer paying the front fee of the dog. By accepting the initial payment I will be committed to this sale too. Accepted buyers will get Golden Info book with them and also my written instructions to study carefully while waiting for puppy to become old enough to be given out from the kennel.