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How to get here

We live in a detached house at Turku Itäharju only short walking distance from Kupittaa railway station.

Lehmikuja 2
20540 Turku
Phone: 040-589 3462

For Navigators Lehmihaka gives better result

Main route

From Helsinki M.way, take exit at first set of trafic lights to Kalevantie (turn right).

From Kalevantie going out of the town turn left at Lidl (tr.lights). From Karjakatu second crossing right at verhoomo Kuusivaara. Road splits to two, take left (Paimenpolku). At Tark'ampujankatu turn (leftish) up the hill.

Other routes

Coming into the town along Kalevantie, turn right at ligts after Prisma. This is Peronkatu. Third crossing left is Tark'ampujankatu. At Lehmikuja turn up the hill (right)

Coming from Hämeenkatu direction is no longer possible.