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Kultaharjun Action Comedy

Mistyn eka serti
At Salo show on 6th June 2009 Misty got a certification

Misty leaps off from the jetty
Misty jumps into the river at mid summer 2009

Misty ja Mindy leikkii
Misty and Mindy playing

Misty is jolly, smooth moving and fast. She also gets well on with her mom as can be seen from the picture.

Unlike her mom, Misty is a bit loud one. When playing with her siblings, there is sometimes such a noise that one has to check it is not getting too serious.


Misty käy kiinni motivointipatukkaan
Misty likes to have a fight over the motivation stick
Misty roikkuu motivointipatukassa
and does not let go...
Motivation stick seems to work well with Misty but sometimes it is good to use good old treats to calm her down a bit.

Misty hyppää korvat lepattaen
Misty likes jumping
Mistyn loikassa on myös pituutta
and the leaps are long too
Misty puomilla
Misty trotting on the beam (pictures by Caroline Brown)
Action packed scenes from Auran Nuuskut agility fun trial, 2009. Maybe soon she could move to official comptitions?

Misty Agility esteellä
Misty jumping

Ilona started agility with Mistyn already the first summer at Golden Ring camp.

First autumn Misty went few times to try agility with Turun Seudun Kääpiökoirat. But then Ilona joined Auran Nuuskut agility group due to better time and other trainings they organise.

First year or so we were careful not to use too high obstacles.

Misty ja harakka
Time to change the toy bird to a real one

Getting used to dead birds started early the first summer when Viivi and IInka's owner (Merja) brought the dead woodpecker to obedience training.

After a good start we have every now and then given an opportunity to carry a crow or seagull. From that point of view it looks good if we just got the returning of the birds better....

In addition to obedience, agility and retrieving training we have few times tried blood trail.

Some funny moments

Just for Ilona's teacher, it is true that the dog really ate that spring report....

There are a lot of fun stories but from this one there is a picture too. Here Rasmus had just got the rabbit to carry and obviously he had to come to show it off to little sister. It just happened that Misty snatched it away from him before anybody had time to react.

Misty nappaa Rasmuksen jäniksen
Misty snatches the rabbit from Rasmus