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Kultaharjun Britti Beast

Luka almost 6 weeks old

In my opinion Luka was by far the best looking dog of the whole litter. It was just a pitty that the other testicle could not be fealt at the age of 6 weeks. Therefore we had to choose the other option. Luckily they both can be fealt already so we just might hear from this one on the dog show side.

Here is another picture from the front which gives better idea of how sturdy and well built Luka is.

Luka almost 8 weeks old

Happenings from puppy age

Luka has settled down well in his new home though he was missing his siblings for the first day or so. But luckily he has found new friends like this american akita who was visiting him soon after arriving to new home.

Luka meeting his new pal.