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B-Litter, born on the 18th August, 2009

More and better quality pictures at this slideshow.

Pups liked the garden and it was fun to roam amongst the leaves.

They enjoyed each others company in bigger and...

smaller groups.

Dara and another pup sleaping nicely.

Pele is really keen on birds. Now we need to work on getting him to return them too...

Maggie is becoming a little shadow of big sister Misty.

Maggie running through the pile of leaves.

Day after day they get faster. Here Bello is showing how to leap around.

One big pile of dogs.

"Are we having a shower today?"

At the health check.

Yam, a crow.

After play time the whole gang takes a nap together.

Big sister playing nicely with younger siblings.

Rabits seem to interest this one.

Picknick food is tasty.

One should always get where the others are but mom needs a placve to rest too.

Tough hunters with their catch.

Puppies noticed, they were monitored.

Middle bitch inspecting bird's wing (3.5 weeks).

Getting tired in the middle of the play time.

Red-white boy wanted to get back into box but didn't want to be there alone. When a friend came he was delighted.

Puppy posing at the age of 2.5 weeks.

Puppies are getting more and more active between the feeds and naps.

Mindy watches over the puppies.

Puppy sleeps safely next to Mom's paw.

First morning with the new puppies

First puppy born